The Saga of a New Guitar Part V Finishing Part II

I was going to refinish my guitar myself.

Portable Spray Booth

So I built a portable spray booth…

Here is how I did it…

I took a card table and set it up.

Then I took a big cardboard box and cut it open.

I had a portable coat rack, so I punched some holes in the open cardboard box, and adjusted the height and hung the box from the rack.

Then I cut open a couple of plastic leaf bags and taped them to the back of the box.

Now I had My Spray Booth

Here is a picture of it.

Custom Spray Booth Picture

Yes, you can see my guitar hanging there after being sprayed with a few coats of lacquer.

I bought my lacquer in the spray cans from StewMac.

After the Spraying

After a few thin coats of Black Lacquer, I sprayed on a ferw coats of clear Lacquer.

Then after a long drying period, it was time to sand, and polish.

Sanded and Polished
Guitar sanded and polished.

Next over to my friend Art Hall!

He did the wiring.

You will read all about it in the next post.

What do you think?


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