The Saga of a New Guitar Part IV Finishing

After my guitar body and neck arrived, it was time to prepare for and complete the finishing

Finishing My New Guitar

I knew I wanted Lacquer! And Lacquer ONLY!

The old fashioned kind… Just like my 1979 Gibson les Paul Custom.

I did not want the new Polyester resins.

Stew Mac Has It.

So I did some shopping around and spoke with a guy who was a hobbiest wood worker and finisher.

He was a friend of mine, and I decided to have him finish my guitar… especially since I did not have a spray room, or spray booth.

I went to WoodCrafters and bought a quart of clear finish, then to StewMac and bought Black Lacquer color pigment, and wood sealant.

The Stewmac pigment, and sealant arrived. So I handed the guitar off to my friend to do the job.


One month passed… no word.

Two months passed… no word.

So I called. He was just starting… and I was just starting to ge worried.

After another month… finally I got it back.

Sanding Needed!

Now it needed sanding. Unfortunately the finish was not waht I expected.

As i started sanding i found problem, after problem.



Time to refinish.

So I built myself a portable spray booth.

You will read all about it in the next post.

What do you think?


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