The Saga of a New Guitar Part III

So Kevin Peel at One Eyed Jack Guitars continued on his work.

Getting Closer

I had told Kevin I wanted to make sutre the neck was bolted in not on… and there is a difference. I wanted to maek sure there as a nice tight fit for the neck and the neck pocket.

One of the things I had requested kevin do is to send me a picture of my guitar body with the neck and no screws/bolts holding it in place.

Kevin did it…

neck in the pocket

Let the Comfort Shaping Begin

Next came the shaving of the body for comfort of playing.

The Bottom after sanding
The bottom of the guitar with comfort parts.

top after comfort cuts and sanding
The top after comfort cuts and sanding


Now it is ready to be sent back to me.

I had arranged for someone to do the finishing of my guitar…

What do you think?


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