Searching For What Equipment I Need To Live Stream Music Performances

So I decided to look into streaming live performances. I found several sites that will let me stream a live performance, and either do it for free, charge for it, or allow people watching… dare I say Fans… send tips.

OK, well and good. If I am able to do that, and receive payments from people like you, it will help me continue to pursue music. And it will help me to give you music you love.


So I started looking into equipment I need to use to do this for you.

First thing I did was search how to stream. Something like a BAZILLION Pages showed up in the echo chamber known as internet search engine results.

I spent several hours reviewing information. But did not find answers.

So I posted on Facebook to my friends, and DM’d some. A few came back with some answers, but the equipment they were using required staffs to handle them. OR they were not streaming… OR they misunderstood my question and recommended services to use to stream.

So I posted in several other discussion groups I’m in…

Results in the next post.

What do you think?


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